Often I start to get stuck in the mindset that our marriage needs to be “managed” like a project. I end up feeling stressed, not totally connected, and confused about how to hit a reset button to get things back on track.

That’s why I’m looking forward to “The Significant Marriage” in a few weeks. 

TSM is something we do every Fall to essentially (please excuse the cheesy metaphor) do a “oil-change” on our marriage from a practical standpoint. If you could read 10 of the best marriage books in one weekend and apply 90% of the awesomeness of each one to your marriage, that’s what TSM is. This isn’t a wishy-washy marriage seminar - it’s practical marriage workshop.

The TSM we’re going to is held in a house overlooking the ocean in Corona Del Mar Nov 13-15. The private on-site chef is going to cook you lunch and dinner. There will be endless coffee. You will leave with an actual written down plan of how you’re going to make this next year of marriage better than last year. 

The cost is $169 and it runs from 6pm Friday to Sunday at 4pm. Yep you read that right - it’s a ton of of time - you probably didn’t even take off that much time for your anniversary or birthday. If you come, this is going to take a lot of coordination, you’ll have to cancel plans, ask someone to fill in for you, and probably even pay more money to hire a babysitter. 

Here’s what I’m suggesting - do it. Apply all of your strategy, creativity, and resolve to make it happen. Beks and I just started to do this today and are going to ask our friend Charis to come down for the whole weekend, pay for her gas and meals, juggle Kai who is still breastfeeding, etc. It won’t be easy or a ton of fun to coordinate. But we’re doing it because we know that the health of our marriage plays a part in every other part of our life 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives. It’s something worth taking a weekend for.

So what are your thoughts? What can we do to help you make this happen? If money or something else is the problem, email/text/call me and we’ll anything we can to help you - we really want you guys to be there.

If you want to sign up, email our friend Amy at amywormald@gmail.com and say, “I’d like to register for the TSM in November - can you send me more details” and she’ll get you set up.

HUNTER DAVIS | Creative Director

Dear friend of ours who is married or going to be married soon that reads our blog,

Long story short, Rebekah and I really want you to come create better marriages with us in a mansion on the ocean the second weekend of November. Here’s why.

Rebekah and I love our marriage - and we’ve done everything wrong. All the marriage statistics say, “Don’t get married young, Don’t have kids too early. Avoid financial stress. And whatever you do, DO NOT MARRY CROSS-CULTURALLY.” I know our marriage is young and we have lots of life ahead of us, but we consider two things to be the difference makers for us so far:

  • God’s grace. We have a rich heritage of wise, rooted people that pray for both of us. They’re mostly our extended family and their friends.
  • This marriage workshop called “The Significant Marriage”. This is what we did for our pre-marital.  All that said, there is still the fact that in the middle of the ‘blessings of life’ (read: kids, work, birthday parties, scheduling babysitters) it’s hard to remember that my marriage should be fun and meaningful. 
Josh and Dottie McDowell

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